Donate now to help support Black Queer HBCU Students Studying STEM image

Donate now to help support Black Queer HBCU Students Studying STEM

Your donation will help BGW provide $5K scholarships to 2 current BGW Ambassadors majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics programs.

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We are fundraising to support Black Queer students Studying STEM at HBCUs

The impact Black Queer People have on the world is extraordinarily multifaceted and diverse. Racial inequities and stigma are present and play a major role in the opportunities available to Black Queer People, however, are dedicated to combatting the consequences that arise from the presence of those factors.

Through Black, Gifted & Whole Foundation’s multi-pronged approach, we create avenues to higher education, sexual health, and career resources that can dramatically affect the trajectory of our ambassador's lives.

Since 2015, Black, Gifted & Whole has provided over $70,000 to 18 students, attending 11 Colleges & University’s; with most ambassadors attending Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

For more than a century, HBCUs have been leaders in educating African-American college graduates who excel in their fields. A recent report from the National Science

Foundation revealed that 21 of the top 50 institutions for educating African-American graduates who go on to receive their doctorates in science and engineering, are HBCUs.

The contributions of HBCUs do not stop there: Even though our nation's HBCUs make up just 3 percent of colleges and universities, they produce 27 percent of African-American students with bachelor's degrees in STEM fields. In 2011, HBCUs conferred one-fourth of the bachelor's degrees in education awarded to African-Americans.

Xavier University, an HBCU, awards more undergraduate degrees in the biological and physical sciences to African-American students than any other university in the nation. HBCUs have implemented proven practices to assist students in STEM fields to obtain rich professional experiences, research opportunities, and mentorships; navigate through courses and financial challenges, and drive students to post-baccalaureate success.